Hi, I'm Robert C. Renteria.

Welcome to my site, I’m glad you found it. However, it’s outdated and has since been replaced by my new simpler site bobby.design. So, move along now, and give your mom a call, she’s been missing you.


Development, UI, UX


Awesome creative team in need of awesome website to show off awesome creative work. There’s one word to describe a project like that … radical.

Branding, Package Design


A fun brand refresh & packaging system overhaul for Boon, a trend-setting children’s brand. Modern design, smart copywriting & beautiful photography.

Development, UI, UX


Once upon a time, there was an automated vehicle that aimed at changing the public & private transportation world. They needed a site, so we made it automated.

Package Design

Heckler Design

Industrial design powerhouse Heckler Design was looking to showcase their products with updated packaging.

Branding, Package Design

JR Jones & Shelfie

A simple idea with a lot of character. JR Jones and Shelfie get a lot of love and new look.

Branding, Development, UI, UX

Raise Arizona

A living wage initiative Raise Arizona is trying to make a better life for people, we want them to look good doing it.

Branding, Creative Direction, Development, UI, UX

Method & Madness

Last year I had the opportunity to work with AIGA Arizona to co-chair and act as creative director for the annual Method & Madness Design Conference. So friggin’ fun.